Monday, 19 December 2011

The Importance of the Right Golf Clothes

When it comes to golf clothing, it is very important that you choose wisely.  This is because the clothes you wear will create an impression and also because the game is quite physical so you need to make sure that your clothing can accommodate this.  Once you have joined a golf club, you will probably be told about the dress code that they have there.  However, in general, it is expected that you will make sure you always look presentable.  In the world of golf, the clothes that you wear will show your respect for many things like the game, other golfers and yourself.
Golf Clothing for Men
Most men will wear trousers and golf shirts such as Lyle and Scott golf shirts.  It is not acceptable to wear things like denim, t-shirts or cut-off trousers.  You can wear shorts provided that they are tailored golf shorts and you should really make sure that they go well with the socks you are wearing.  When it comes to the shirts that are worn by male golfers, long or short sleeves are acceptable.  Polo shirts are often worn on the golf course.
Golf Clothing for Women
When it comes to women golfers, there seems to be a little bit more choice because of the fact that there are many more types of clothing that they can wear.  In most golf clubs it is preferable for women to wear shirts with collars but it is usually not essential.  It is totally unacceptable for women to wear any sort of top that will expose their midriff.  Polo shirts are also very commonly worn by women golfers.  Women have the choice of wearing either trousers or skirts or a pair of shorts that look like a skirt.  

How to Find Discount Golf Accessories

Golf is considered to be quite an expensive game and in the current economic climate it is no surprise that a lot of people are trying to find cheap golf accessories in order to keep costs down.  If you enjoy playing a round of golf every so often but find that money is tight at the moment, then you will be pleased to know that it is possible to find things like discount golf clothing and cheap golf accessories. 
Check Online
If you are someone who plays golf regularly, then you will more than likely have most of your golfing equipment but there are always more accessories that you will need to buy such as golf balls and clothing.  One of the best places to find cheaper accessories and clothing when it comes to golf is the internet.  There is so much more choice online and you will also find that the prices tend to be a lot lower than in the bricks and mortar golf stores.
If you are just starting off in golf, then you will find that the price of your golfing equipment can be astronomical so it would pay for you to check out the online golfing stores as this is where you will get hugely discounted prices on things like golf shoes and golf clubs which are essential for this game. 
Shop Around
Golf bags are a major expense but a lot of the time, they will come with the set of clubs that you buy.  However, if you are buying your clubs separately, then you will have to buy a golf bag as well.  Make sure you shop around, especially online as this is the best way to find the cheapest prices.